About Us

Michael Schimp is the founder and lead gardener at GardenMaker. He brings a rich history of experience to every client home, including a Certificate in Permaculture Design, Permaculture Teacher Training, and two decades installing and maintaining low-maintenance gardens, renovations and construction experience. These, coupled with his extensive plant knowledge and accomplished understanding of tree care, ensures that you receive customized service unique to your property, your local ecosystem, and your family’s needs. He is the founder of Three Acre Permaculture, a demonstration and education centre an hour SW of London, Ontario. Michael is also a trained energy worker and an artist with a keen eye for design and detail.

Throughout his career, Michael has integrated permaculture teachings into GardenMaker as well as larger projects, such as the community garden he designed and implemented for the City of Guelph. He is a founding member of the Transition Guelph Seed Library, he maintains a comprehensive seed library at Three Acre Permaculture, and he is currently working with a team of Ontario permaculture experts to coalesce the permaculture community in Ontario.

GardenMaker first opened its doors as a full service garden installation and maintenance business in 2009 and has since moved to a full suite of education and consultation services. We pride ourselves on maintaining high ecological standards as well as a deep respect for your family and neighbours.

GardenMaker is clean, quiet, and respectful. You can count on it.

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